Which Is Best Electric Vehicle Related Stocks In India 2022

Which is best electric vehicle related stocks in india 2021

The electric vehicle is the Future of India. Now India is moving Petrol/diesel vehicles to electric vehicles. In India, Some Car manufacturers have started making electric vehicles with the demand and future of the electric vehicle in mind In electric vehicles. In these articles, we know about the Best Electric Vehicle stocks and Electric Vehicle Related Stocks In India 2022

Best Electric Vehicle Related Stocks In India 2022 Details

Some car Manufacturers Declared that they will change all their Petrol and Diesel vehicles to Electric vehicles by 2025. Investors look at the Electric vehicle manufacturing companies’ stocks And Related company’s stocks as an Investment for the Future. We are Giving the Details of the Electric car stocks in India and the Electric vehicle battery manufacturers’ stocks in India.

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Best Electric Vehicle Related Stocks In India

Every car Needs some small parts and the small parts of cars are manufactured by some different companies. The small parts manufacturing companies are fully Depend on the Car manufacturing companies. In the Electric vehicle need of a battery, Power stations to charge the vehicle, and Much more like it.

In below are major companies’ EV stocks list. They Manufacture the cars or supply useful services to Electric vehicles. Battery companies stock in India And Best electric vehicle stocks India. 

1. Tata Motors Ltd.

Tata Motor is one of the Best car manufacturers In India. Now Tata Motors Turn its Production For the Electric vehicles. Tata Motors launches Its First Electric vehicle Nexon Ev And Tigor Ev. In the Less Time, Both models are popular for electric passengers Car. On Electric Vehicle Tata Motors Works very Seriously with Electric vehicle Infrastructure.

Investors Looks The Tata Motors Share as the best investment For the Future. Tata Motor’s stock grows by 149.66% In The Last 1 Year With Rs.1,20,151 Crore Market capitalization. For Electric Vehicles, Tata Motors Are The best With its Experience.

2. Tata Power Ltd.

The Tata Power Ltd is Primarily Works as an Electricity Producing company and Supplier Company. Tata Power is Also Work on the Supply Of electricity To vehicles and build electric vehicle charging stations. Tata Power Is One of the leading players in developing charging stations in India. They are Enable The 200+ Charging Stations In India. 

Looking at the Future Of tata Power In the Electric vehicle charging stations many of the investors look at the Tata Power share As an Investment. Tata Power share grows by 200.73% In The Last 1 Year With Rs.52,323 Crore Market capitalization.

3. Exide Industry

Exide Industry is a Leading Indian multinational battery manufacturing company. It is the largest manufacturer of automotive and industry lead-acid in India. Every Electric Vehicle Needs a Strong and Long life battery For Use. The Exide industry Provides the Best batteries to electric vehicle manufacturers. 

Exide is the battery companies stock in India which is listed in NSE and Bse WhichsExide industries have given the 9.72% Return in 1 year on its Share With Rs.15,202 Crore market Capitalisation. Many Investor investments it’s money in the Exide Industry.

4. Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland Is one of the leading Petrol and Diesel vehicle Manufacturer Companies in India. The Ashok Leyland invested $136 Million Dollars in the Uk based switch Mobility Company. The Switch Mobility Will be Used in India as a manufacturing hub With the help of Ashok Leyland. They Will starting manufacturing in India and sold it under the Brand name of Swith Mobility. It Has Secured its 2000 vehicles order And they Will be launched Their vehicle in December in the market.

You can see the Ashok Leyland as an Electric vehicle Stock. In the future, they Will expand their EV Business at a large scale. The share Of Ashok Leyland Was grow by 71.48% in the last year With a Market capital of Rs.38,382 Crores.

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5. Amara Raja Batteries 

Amara raja batteries Ltd is India’s largest automotive batteries manufacturer they wide range Of batteries solution in passenger vehicles. They was Provide the Their batteries To the EV Car manufacturers under their own brand Amron. Most car brands Use Amron batteries in their vehicles.

You can see The Amara raja batteries as batteries Future of EV. The batteries Cost is 20-30% of the Full Electrical vehicles.

6. JBM Auto 

JBM Auto Is a car part And Electric vehicle manufacturing company in India. It is India’s One of the Vehicle parts and EV manufacturer companies. JBM Auto is also engaging in the build infrastructure in India They are Provide Electric vehicle Charging stations in India. 

In the Last Year, JBM Auto share was given 125.34% Returns in the last 1 year With The Rs.2,498 Crore market Capitalization.

7. Mahindra And Mahindra 

Mahindra and Mahindra are very old EV players and market leaders before 2018. They are some of the largest car manufacturers in India. They acquired the Reva electric car company And they Launched India’s First Electrical vehicle in 2016. In 2016 they are Leading electric vehicle manufacturers. Now Mahindra starts Working it’s the production and Developing the Evs For the market Segments. 

Mahindra And Mahindra Given The 35.68% growth In the last 1 year With the 98,822 crore Market Capitalisation.

8. NTPC Ltd.

NTPC Ltd is India’s One of the Electricity power producers and Suppliers in the Country. They Will Also Provide Electricity to the EVs charging Stations across India. They had installed the Smart EV charger at the SCOPE complex In Delhi. The Charger will be powered by NTPC Ltd. They has engaged in developing the ecosystem of electric vehicle charging stations.

NTPC Ltd has given the 64.78% Return in the last 1 year. Now The NTPC Ltd market capitalization is Rs.1,35,656 Crore. 

9. Tata Elxsi Ltd. 

Tata Elxsi Ltd Primarily business was the design and development of computer hardware and software. The Tata Elxsi ltd was Developing AI technology For Electrical vehicles and Working on other Technology for the Evs. Tata group is working on the ecosystem of electrical vehicles.  

Tata Elxsi Ltd stock was grown by 353.09% in the Last Year. Now Tata Elxsi Ltd market capitalization Rs.36,013 Crore. 

10. Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd.

Himdari Speciality Chemical ltd has developed natural and synthetic varieties of the anode material for the Li-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries with advanced carbon are used in EVs. Himdari specialty Provide long-lasting and Best batteries to the EV manufacturers for the Evs. 

This is the list of electric car stocks. In All the Above Stocks are the Electric Vehicle Related Stocks In India. They Manufacturers Electric vehicles, batteries, Providing the Charging stations in all over India. All of these and many more companies are changing the Indian vehicles Ecosystem to Electric Ecosystem.

This is The Electric vehicle stock in India. These stocks Are not recommended For Investing It has for educational purpose or General Information. Invest Your valuable money at your own risk. Get all information about the stock and then invest in stock.

List of electric vehicle battery manufacturers in India

Batteries Are The Most Important Part of Electric vehicles. In battery manufacturing, very few companies are manufacturers Of batteries. We are given the List of electric vehicle battery manufacturers in India and Electric Vehicle Related Stocks In India.

1. EXIDE Industry

2. Amara Raja batteries

3. Hero Motorcorp

4. Tata Chemicals 

Hero Motorcorp Holds a 34.6% stake in Ather Energy. Ather Energy is an Indian Startup It manufactures the Its Own Electric Scooter and They are the only EV OEM in India to make its own battery packs And has filed 13 patents on the design.

Tata Chemicals has battery Technology. Tata Chemicals has also signed up with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to Transform the Lithium-ion Cell technology. They Will be soon starting the manufacturing of the Lithium-ion battery in Gujrat.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions For Best Electric Vehicle Related Stocks In India

Q1. Please send me green energy companies and EV companies listed in Indian stock exchanges

The List of green energy Companies is Adani green Energy, Tata Power, ONGC, Now Reliance is entering green energy This is the Major stock in green energy. Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Mahindra, JBM Auto, and many other companies are manufacturers of Electric vehicles.

Q2. Which stocks will benefit from electric cars India?

Very Few Companies have Started the Manufacturing of electric vehicles the Tata Motors, tata power, Exide industry, Ashok Leyland, Amara raja batteries, JBM Auto, Mahindra and Mahindra, NTPC Ltd, and Tata Elxsi ltd Etc. This stock Will give benefit From Electric Cars In India.

Q3. Which stock is best for electric vehicles?

The Tata Motors, tata power, Exide industry, Ashok Leyland, Amara raja batteries, JBM Auto, Mahindra and Mahindra, NTPC Ltd, and Tata Elxsi ltd Etc. This stock Is the Best For Electric vehicles.

Q4. What stocks are related to electric vehicles?

The Tata Motors, tata power, Exide industry, Ashok Leyland, Amara raja batteries, JBM Auto, Mahindra and Mahindra, NTPC Ltd, and Tata Elxsi ltd Etc. This stock Is the Best For Electric vehicles. This Stock Included EV batteries Stock and Auto parts stocks. 

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