MTAR Technologies IPO details, company information, turnover

About MTAR Technologies:- MTAR Technologies IPO :- MTAR Company Full form is Machine Tool aids and reconditioning Technologies Pvt Ltd. The Mtar Technologies were found by Sri P. Ravindra Reddy, Sri K. Satyanarayana, And Sri P. Jayaprakash Reddy in 1970. The MTAR Technologies was established in 1970 as a partnership firm. They had transformed a partnership into MTAR Technologies … Read more

IPO Means | Upcoming IPO 2021 In Stock Market | IPO म्हणजे काय ?

We are Discuss About IPO Means, Upcoming IPO In 2021 IPO in the Share market. and We also Discuss in Marathi language IPO म्हणजे काय?, IPO चे फायदे आणि तोटे. IPO MEANS IN STOCK MARKET:- what is mean By IPO? IPO means initial public offering IPO meaning In the share market when new companies want to raise funds … Read more

Rail Tel IPO Oversubscribed In Few Hours |Details, Price and Information

Rail Tel IPO:- Rail tel was incorporated in 2000 as a public sector company. Rail tel whole business is held by the government of India and administrated by the Ministry of Railway. it is an information technology Infrastructure provide company. It is the largest telecommunication infrastructure, provider company. Railtel used New technology high dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) and … Read more