How To Open Student Bank Account Without Pan Card

In India, there is the largest number of the Under Age of 18 kids. They need to have one or more bank accounts For their use. But They And Their parents were Confuse about how to Open Student bank account without pan card. They Don’t know about the bank account opening process And What’s Documents Are require For it. First of all, you need to know about These Things.

Documents Required For Student Bank Account:-

To Everyone needs To know the compulsory Documents For Student Account opening. The Document For student bank Account Opening is different As per the banks. But almost all banks require the same compulsory documents. We are given the list of the Compulsory Documents which is used while applying for the student’s Bank account opening as given below.

How To Open Student Bank Account Online:-

Every bank Has Same Process for student bank Account opening. But Student And Its Parents are Confuse about the Bank Account Opening Process. The Account Opening Process is not a Hard thing to Proceed with. it is a Simple Process. Now many banks Are getting the Student account opening easier And online Process For their customers.

Read the complete article to know the details and the process of the student account opening. Following are the steps Of account opening.

1 Step:- Visit The Offical Website of a Particular bank

2 Step:- Find The student Account Opening Form

3 Step:- After getting off the form Fill in the Personal Details (Like the First name, last name, address, Nominee, Aadhar card Number And Etc.)

4 Step:- Select the Account Type (Like zero balance Saving account, Minor saving account.)

5 Step:- Select The near branch Details

6 Step:- Fill Parents Details ( If a student is minor)

7 Step:- Fill The Nominee Details

8 Step:- Upload The Documents (if the option is available in Form)

9 Step:- If the Documents upload Option is Not Available Then you need to Visit the Nearest branch to Complete The Account opening process With THe Documents.

10 Step:- Complete Your KYC And Proceed To Account opening.

This Are The steps of the Student bank Account Opening Online process. These steps can go up and down when opening an account in a particular bank, but that’s the process. This Process Is not Any particular bank Process. It is the Process That is commonly used by banks For the Student bank Account open. Particular bank has Their Own different account opening Processe compare to other banks.

How To Open Student Bank Account Offline:-

The offline Process Of Student and Other Account opening is easier Then the online. The banking Employees help And guide their customers who are confuse about the account opening process. In the offline Process, You need to follow these steps to the Account Opening.

1 Step:- Visit Nearest Branch

2 Step:- Take a Student account opening form from the banker.

3 Step:- Fill in your personal Details And other details In the Form

4 Step:- Attache The Your Personal Documents And Parents Documents (if Student is Minor)

5 Step:- Submit Form To the bank Employee.

After the Submitting the Form of the Student Account. This is the Process of student Bank account Offline. In the 10-15 business Working Days Your account number gets to you.

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How To Open Student Bank Account Without Pan Card:-

To Open Student Bank Account All banks have the same process as per the Offline and online process is given Above. Many people have A Confusion about how To Open a Student Bank Account Without Pan Card And they don’t know about Pan card is mandatory or not to open a student bank account.

We Cleared To Peoples About How To Open a Student Bank Account Without Pan Card. With helping of the below points.

1. The Government of India has not made PAN card mandatory for minor students. They can apply to open a bank account without a PAN card.

2. Minor students need to Atacche the Documents of Their Parents For verification.

3. Only a Minor Student or Child Can Apply for the account opening Without having a Pan card.  

4. If the Student is Not a Minor Then They need to have a pan card To apply For the Student Account opening. 

5. In the Future minor students needs to Transfer their minor student account to a regular account. Then They need to Submit the pan card to the bank. They will be open student bank accounts online without pan card

With The Help Of these Points, You can Open a Student Bank Account Without Pan Card.

Advantages Of Opening A Student Bank Account:-

A student bank account has its own advantages to Open them And maintain them. Which is given below. 

1. No Need to submit the Pan card.

2. Some banks Charge Rs.500 As a minimum Balance but some banks have No Minimum limit to the balance.

3. You Can get an ATM card, Cheque books.

4. The bank Gives 4-5% Per annum interest Rates on the balance to Their customers.

5. The Student Account holder can Access The Mobile Banking and Internet banking option.

These are the main advantage of opening a student bank account. You can check the Advantage Of a Student bank account before opening the bank account in a particular bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions For Student Bank Account Without Pan Card:-

Q1. Can a student open a bank account without a PAN card?

Answer:- A Minor student Can Open A bank Account without a pan card. But Other Student Who are not minors needs a Pan card To open a Student bank Account. The government of India has made pan card mandatory for those who are 18+ age.

Q2. Can I apply for bank account without PAN card?

Answer:- You Can’t Apply For the bank Account Without Having a pan Card When you are 18+ years old. If you Are a minor you can Easily Apply for the Bank Account opening. The government of India has made pan card mandatory for those who are 18+ age.

Q3. If your pan card does not have your signature then also your bank account can open?

Answer:- No, You can’t apply for the Bank Account Opening. A PAN card without a signature is not considered valid And it is Not Eligible For verification.

Q4. What will happen if a bank account is not linked with PAN card will it create problem in opening another account in another bank please solve my doubt? 

Answer:- First of all you need to Link your bank account With the Pan Card Otherwise Your Banking services Will be stopped. If you Are Applying for a new bank account you have no Problem to Open A new bank account. You can easily apply for a bank account.

Q5. Have only PAN card no Aadhar card How can I open bank account please tell me?

Answer:- You Need to submit the Other verification documents like election voter id card, Driving license Etc. But You Need to link the Pan card with the Aadhar card.

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