How To Open Zerodha Account Without Digilocker In 5 minutes

How To Open Zerodha Account Without Digilocker In 5 minutes

How To Open Zerodha Account Without Digilocker:- New Beginners in the share market And want to How To Open Zerodha Account And Zerodha Demat account opening process. They don’t know anything about the How To Open Zerodha Account And we will explain the full account opening process to Beginners who want to open a Demat account in the Zerodha.

Some of the people who don’t link their own Aadhaar card with mobile no. These people Don’t Know How To Open Zerodha Account Without Digilocker.

  • While new beginners want to open And they complete the half process of Zerodha account opening. Then they recognize they don’t link their Aadhar card to their Mobile numbers. And then they search How To Open Zerodha Account Without Digilocker.
  • Digilocker is a government portal In that portal it saves the user’s data they have Aadhar card details such as link mobile, address, Name, and other details. It is the verification process of a particular person.
  • At the time of the Zerodha account opening, there is a Digilocker process. In that process, the user can put his own Aadhar card number and wait for OTP. After getting OTP then the verification process is completed. Then the application goes for the Zerodha account opening section to verify. 
  • After verification, the user got the USERID and password. Those people Who don’t link their Aadhar card with their mobile number. They will stop the account opening process because of the DIGILOCKER Process.
  • We will give the solution and complete the process of the account opening without the Digilocker in just 5 minutes.
  • Following is the full information about the How To Open Zerodha Account Without Digilocker In 5 minutes. With the help of the following steps, the user can easily get the account opening process without the Digi locker.

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Documents required for Zerodha account online:-

  • First of all, we are know about the documents required to open a Zerodha account online. Some documents are compulsory to documents needed for the Zerodha account or another broking firm.
  • There is some optional document to upload if you have this optional document then upload it on Zerodha Demat account form. If you did not have the optional document then ignore the optional option and upload compulsory documents.

The documents required for opening a Demat account in Zerodha list are given below.

  1. Pan card
  2. Aadhar card (Aadhar card photo on both sides)
  3. Your Signature (On the white paper )
  4. Bank Account Proof:- (Give the Bank account proof such as Bank passbook first page with your name and other details OR Cancelled cheque your name must be printed on it, OR online Bank statement)
  5. Income Proof:- (optional) when you want to trade in the F&O then you need income proof such as the salary slip OR income tax filling report Or the last six-month bank statement is required when you choose the F&O option. If you want to trade-in equity then ignore it.

Zerodha Account opening charges:-

Zerodha charges some charges to the opening Demat and commodity accounts the charges as given below.1. Demat Account Opening charges:- Rs.2002. Commodity account opening charges:- Rs.100

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How To Open Zerodha Account opening process:-

Many of the people who there are complete the half process. But in that process, many barriers come in front of the user. We explain the process of the Zerodha Demat account opening process as per the following steps.

1 Step:- Signup

Visit the signup page of the Zerodha. Click on the link to open a Demat account in Zerodha. User Will redirect to the Zerodha account opening page.

How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

2 Step:-

Put your mobile no in the first blank column and continue (Submit the OTP)

How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

3 Step:- Pan card

After The submission of the OTP, They will Ask For the Pan card. In that option Fill the Pan card number And the date of Birth. The Pan Card is compulsory while account opening in the Zerodha. If you do not have a pan card then you not process the application.

How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

4 Step:- Payment

  • In the 4 steps, you are the payable of the account opening fees. If you want to open a Demat account then the charge is Rs.200. And you want to open both accounts commodity and the Demat account then the charge is 300 of both accounts. The charges of the commodity account opening are Rs.100.
  • If you want to open only a Demat account then click on the Equity option and Choose the payment method UPI, Netbanking, Or the Cards. And done the payment to process the account opening form.
How To Open Zerodha Account opening process
  • After The payment, You can connect with the Digi locker with your Aadhar card no. Users can link Their own Aadhar card to the Mobile Number. Digilocker is the government web portal. That They have saved all data of the Aadhar cardholders in the online form. Users can get the data when they need data By connecting Digi locker with the particular services.
  • In Zerodha Click on the connect to Digi locker button. After opening a new window Put your Aadhar card number in the Digi locker and After the Submit of the Aadhar card Number users got OTP Put it in the Blank Area And submit it. Accept the All policy and submit it.
  • If some user they don’t link its Aadhar card no With Moblie number then they use the following trick to open Demat Account without the Digilocker 
How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

How To Open Zerodha Account Without Digilocker:-

In the Zerodha and all other brokerages that are providing services in the share market. They are all brokers are Regulated by the Sebi. And Sebi compulsory the Aadhar card verification with the Digilocker In that process users has linked their Aadhar card to their own mobile. Without this process, the user can’t complete the Demat account process. 

But User Can Process the Demat account application With the help Of Emudra. Emudra is a Digital signature platform that is Process your Demat account opening application without the Digilocker. User, they have not completed their application Then the Zerodha team will call The Users.

  • Signup on the Emudra website And Wait for the Zerodha call.
  • Zerodha team will help you to open a Demat account in Zerodha with the Emudra signature. They Will Guide you And Zerodha Team will open your account in 24 hours. Follow their instructions Properly.
  • This method is expansive you will pay some amount while applying for the digital signature. 
  • Then thatlink your Aadhar card to your Mobile number is the best And affordable way to account opening.
  • NOTE:- Please take guides with the customer care or the Zerodha team when you open an account with the Emudra.

5 Step:- Family Details 

After The Digilocker verification after you need to fill in the personal details like family details, Income details, After the fill of those options Click on the continue button.

How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

6 Step:- Bank Details

after the filing of the personal details Link your bank details. Fill in the bank account number, IFSC Code, MICR Code, Your name And confirm all details And upload the canceled cheque or the Bank passbook Photo And click on the continue button.

7 Step:- IPV (In-Person Verification) 

  • After filling in the bank details you need to Submit the IPV (In-Person Verification) In that the Process On the display Shows the number on your screen. You will Write the Code on White paper and click your own photo while showing the code on the white paper. 
  • At the time you click the photo it will ask for permission to click the image with the camera. You can click the allow button to take photos. Upload the image And click the continue button.

8 Step:- Upload Documents

After the IPV You need to upload documents like pan card, Bank Details, Signature, Income Proof. When You select the Future and Option then you need to upload the Income proof like an income tax return Or Bank statement, Or salary Slip.

After uploading the document click on the continue button.

How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

9 Step:- Equity E-sign

After the Document uploading, you need to e-sign the Equity Form. Click on the Esign button to fill out the Equity e sign form.

How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

11 Step:- E-KYC & Gmail Verification 

  • After the click on the E-sign button. You need to fill in your email id, Provide the correct email id in the form. After the submission of the Gmail, you need to verify your email. Check your email inbox And click on the link sent by the Zerodha to verify your Gmail account.
  • After the Verification of the email, the Next page will open the Esign page read all instructions and KYC form details, And click on the signup button.
How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

12 Step:- NSDL Page Verification 

After the verification of the E-KYC from the NSDL page verification page will the in front of you for the verification. Enter your Aadhar card no submit for the OTP Enter the OTP and Submit The OTP And complete NSDL Page Verification.

How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

After the NSDL successful verification Click on the Finish button. 

How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

Next Click on the Finish Button, The screen shows the Below screen 

How To Open Zerodha Account opening process

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After the Complete Zerodha account opening process, the Zerodha team reviews your application. They check Your all document and verifying them. Them the 24 hours later or 2-3 working days you will get a Gmail with your Userid And the Password. Password change before the login into the Zerodha Kite.

In this article, We know How To Open Zerodha Account Without Digilocker. We explain how to Zerodha account opening Full process is given by the step by steps. People ask the question of how to log in Zerodha Demat account. You can visit the Zerodha kite or download the Zerodha kite on your mobile. Enter Your Userid And password which is provided by Zerodha And login into the Zerodha.

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