Best Top 10 RBI And Sebi Approved Forex Brokers In India In 2021

Best Top 10 RBI And Sebi Approved Forex Brokers In India In 2021

We know about the Best Top 10 RBI And Sebi Approved Forex Brokers In India. You want to know about what is Sebi’s full form Or Sebi stands for Securities And Exchange Board Of India. Sebi was establish On 12 April 1992. Sebi was establish in the year 1992 but they had given the statutory powers on 30 January 1992 under the Sebi act 1992.

The SEBI Act was pass in 1992 under the act SEBI was formally established on 12 April 1992. Securities And Exchange Board of India is also responsible for issuing licenses in India to the forex brokers. Forex trading in Indian exchanges is getting very popular in India.

Sebi Headquarters/Sebi Head Office:

Plot No. C 4-A, G Block, Near Bank of India, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051.


Forex Broker is also known as a retail broker, they buy and sell currency on your behalf. The advantage of having a forex broker includes 24- hour market access and the ability to guess on the currency pair of all over in the world. The Forex brokers try to decrease their costs to stay in the market. but you pay some fees when trading with them. Transaction in the forex market is done in pairs so you can buy or sell the pair when you want to trade.

Sebi Approved Forex Brokers In India In 2021:

In 1992 Sebi was establish Sebi has given regulate power by the Indian government. Then Sebi allowed the forex brokers in India. In 2021we have provided some information about the Sebi-regulated forex brokers in India. We are given information about the best top 10 Sebi registered forex brokers list in India And Sebi Approve Forex Brokers In India as per given below.

Sebi Approved Forex Brokers In India List

NoForex Brokers

Is Forex Trading Legal in India?

While selecting the best forex brokers in India, a lot of people are confuse about case forex dealing is legal in India or not. Let us clear this confusion for you. Strategy trading over forex remains legal till the time the currency pair being trade includes Indian National currency Indian Rupee (INR). International forex trade brokers are allowed to trade currencies in India. But Indian citizens are blocked from using the online platforms for trading and have to be satisfied with SEBI regulates forex brokers in India. This is done to prevent the Reserve Bank of India from being constantly short on dollars and avoid another devaluation of the Indian currency.

Sebi Official Website:-

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