Sharekhan Account Opening | Charges,Brokerage, Margin

Sharekhan account opening | Review, Charges, Brokerage, Margin

Sharekhan account opening:- In this article, we will see what are the charges of Share Khan. Information about sharekhan, sharekhan brokerage,sharekhan charges, and sharekhan margins. A newcomer to the stock market does not know how to open a new Demat account in the sharekhan. This article will give you all the information about ShareKhan. Read the full article carefully.

Sharekhan Reviews:

Share khan was founded in Mumbai by Shripal morakhia. Sharekhan was founded in 2000 by the founder of Sharekhan. The sharekhan age is 21. It started in the year 2000. Sharekhan emerged through online retail brokers and digitization. Sharekhan has 4800+ employees in India and operates through 153+ branches in 575+ cities. It has 2500+ business partners and Sharekhan has 2 million + customers. They handle 6 lakh + transactions a day.
Sharekhan is the 5th largest brokerage firm in India. Sharekhan is the stockbroker in India Share Khan offers a wide range of products and services, including securities brokerage, mutual fund distribution, equity loans, ESOP financing, IPO financing, and asset management. Sher Khan’s headquarters is located in Mumbai. Jaideep Arr is the sharekhan CEO . Sharekhan ltd is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas. This company’s BNP Paribas was rebuilt by this company. Now The sharekhan owner is BNP Paribas. Sharekhan headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Sharekhan DP id (depository participant No) is 36000.

How To Sharekhan Account Opening Process:-

A newcomer to the stock market does not know how to open a Demat account. If they want to open an account with the discount broker they want then the question arises as to how to get that new Demat account. You have given information on how to open an account in Sharekhan as per the procedure below.

There are 2 methods in this. first means you can choose the method you like between the online method and the offline method.

1. The first method is the online method

1. Go to the website and click on the open an account option.

2. Open an account Once the form is opened, select the name, mobile number, email id, and last number and click on the start option.

3. Share Khan’s Sales Advisor will call you in the next few hours

4. After that, the sales representative of Sharekhan will visit you in person at home or office or call you at the nearest Sharekhan branch.

5. Then you get complete information about the demo and get the demo from them.

2. visit nearest sharekhan Branch or Sub- broker Office:-

If you want to open a Demat or trading account in Sharekhan, you can go to the nearest branch of Sharekhan or the office of the sub-broker. They can choose a definite time to meet you. They will ask you about the demo of the Demat account and trading account. So you can use a demo account before opening a Demat or trading account.

Sharekhan Account Closure Process:-

If the customer in a Sharekhan Demat account or trading account is not using it. So that They can close their Demat account or trading account. If you have a Demat account Or if you want to close a trading account, you have to go to Sher Khan’s office or sub A direct visit to the broker’s office is required. You contact them by phone or mail If so, they will not reply to you or invite you to visit their office.

If you want to close the account, you have to pay all the dues. you did not use the offline transaction slip in the Demat account then give it returned to Sher Khan’s office. And you have to fill the account closure form while closing the account.

You will need to keep a copy with you at the time of closing the Demat account. 100 per year more than one customer complains that the account has been closed and they are charging AMC charges. She wants to keep a copy of this account.

The process of closing a Demat account takes 7-8 working days. Account closed to that customer’s confirmation letter will arrive in 15 days. The account closure confirmation letter needs to be received. Through that, you will know whether the account has been closed or not. If you do not have confirmation of the letter that the account has been closed, you can go to Sher Khan’s office and inquire about it.

Sharekhan annual maintenance Charges:-

Sharekhan incurs annual maintenance charges annually. In that, you get 400 rupees + taxes Have to pay. These annual charges are free for the first year. These charges apply on completion of the 2nd-year Occur. Sharekhan’s trading account is completely free. Sharekhan’s annual maintenance If the charges are not paid on time, you will have to pay interest on it.
Let us see the opening and annual maintenance charges as follows.

1.Demat Account Opening chargesRs.0 (Free)
2.Demat Annual maintenance charges YearlyRs.400 Free for 1 year with the trading account
3.Trading account opening chargesRs.0 (Free)
4.Trading Annual maintenance chargesRs.0 (Free)

Sharekhan Trading Charges:-

Let us see below how we incur charges while trading in sharekhan. 

Sr no.ParticularTrading Charges
1.Equity Cash intra-day
0.10% on the buy-side
2.Equity Delivery Trades0.50% or 10 paise per share
3.F&O Trades0.10% on the first leg And square off any other day
4.Currency Future0.10%
5.Currency options2.50% or Rs 250 Per lot on the premium
6.option Trades2.50% or Rs.250 Per lot on the premium

Sharekhan Minimum Brokerage Charges:-

Sr no.ParticularBrokerage Charges
1.sharekhan IntraDay Rs.5 paise per share
2.Delivery TradesRs.10 paise per share
3.Minimum DP chargesDP charges Rs.16 Per Scrip

Sharekhan near me:- 

You Can Now Find sharekhan office Near Me. you can easily get sharekhan branch near me in your city.

Sharekhan customer care Number: 

customers can easily contact sharekhan customer care on this no 022 6115 1111

Sharekhan email id: [email protected]

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A Sharekhan trading:-

You can now use the sharekhan mobile application. download sharekhan mini software on your mobile. Visit the sharekhan website sharekhan mini and trade online on this website.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions For Sharekhan :-

Q1. How I track my fund transfer to sharekhan demat trading account online?

If you can add fund in sharekhan and you want to track the fund. login into the sharekhan demat account. Click on the funds option add your fund or withdrawal your money using the fund option. when your money can’t show in your sharekhan app it will be credited to your account within 1-3 working days. If you have any query you can call customer care of share khan.

Q2. Sharekhan. trade tiger has stopped working?

Some time sharekhan tiger trade has sufurning the technical error. If you have to get notification of a technical error or some other error. it will be resolved by sharekhan within 5-6 hours. if your transaction getting failed and your money deducted from the account in the hour of technical error. it will be added to your account within 2-3 working days. Call customer care or call your near sharekhan branch office where you open a Demat account.

Q3. How can I logging in sharekhan account after formatting old phone?

In the case of sharekhan customers, they can easily recover their accounts. customers can log in through the sharekhan app with their login id which is provided by sharekhan. IF customer can’t remember his login id they can call its near sharekhan branch which provides you login details. Or visit your sharekhan branch where you open a Demat account.

Q4. I am a registered customer of sharekhan how I get charts live on my mobile and laptop also.

sharekhan was provided the live chart for the trading in his app. Customers can easily get the live chart to choose the share or nifty you want to see the chart. In share or nifty chart will be available on the side of shares details.login into  sharekhan demat account. Choose share and click the option of the chart. The live chart performer when the market goes live. On the laptop search the sharekhan mini and login in website. to trade and see the chart.

Q5.Is it legal to sign up and uninstall without using sharekhan app? 

Yes, It is you can sign up and uninstall the sharekhan app without using the app. If you don’t process to the account opening of Demat. Then you can easily uninstall the app from your mobile. When you will proceed with the Demat account opening process.if you do not need the Demat account. then it needs to close the process of account opening. 

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