Top 10 DVR Company Who Has Been Issued DVR Shares

Top 10 DVR Company Who Has Been Issued DVR Shares

Top 10 DVR shares:- Most investors were confused about what is DVR shares in the share market. What is work is the work of the DVR shares in the share market. They want to know information about the DVR shares. And The Top 10 DVR Company who has been issued DVR shares in India. In India, Few companies are issued DVR Shares in the Indian share market. We explain the importance of the DVR shares, How they work, How they perform in the market.  

What Is DVR Shares:-

DVR shares mean the share which provides differential voting rights to the holders of the DVR shares. That’s Why the Share called the DVR which full form is Differential Voting Rights. DVR is like the general shares which provide fewer voting rights to the shareholders. In the comparison of the general share can have higher or lower voting rights Of DVR shares. But in India, as per the regulations of the Indian company laws, Companies are not allowed to issue equity shares with high voting rights. As a result, lower voting rights give to the DVR in India As compared to the General shares.

The Basic difference between the General share And DVR share is related to the voting rights of the shares. DVR share Holders Can get The best higher dividend as compared to the general shares. The DVR shares are traded in the regular share market like Nse And Bse but DVR shares are traded at a discount price compared to the company’s regular equity shares. There are 8 to 10 companies in the Indian stock market that have brought their DVR shares to the stock market.  And we know about it as per given below. 

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Benefits Of DVR Shares:-

There Are some benefits of the DVR shares as compared to the General shares. Which Is want to know the Investors before investing money into the DVR Share. The Information is Given below.

  • In addition to the voting rights, A shareholder of the DVR will Get all other rights such as the bonus shares, Rights share Issue.
  • As compared to the general equity share DVR share price which is a discount price which means less investment to invest.
  • In The DVR share company Paid a higher Dividend to the DVR shares As compared to the general shares.

Top DVR Company Who Has Been Issued DVR Shares:-

In the Indian share market, 8-10 companies are listed as the DVR share. Of them, companies get delisted from the NSE and BSE. And the 4 companies Remain Which has issued the DVR Shares. In That companies, information is given below.

DVR Share Company NameShare Price
TATA Motors DVR155.70
Stampede Capital ltd DVR2.15
Future Enterprises DVR14.65
Jain Irrigation System ltd DVR17.10

1.Tata Motor DVR: Share Price:- Share Price:-Rs. 155.70

Tata Motor DVR share is a DVR Of Tata Motor Which is listed on NSE and BSE. The Tata motor DVR share was issued at a discount price as compared to Tata Motors’ ordinary share. Tata motor manufacture the Transport vehicle, bus, Passenger Vehicles, Mini Transport vehicles, And military vehicles. Tata Motor India’s one of the best vehicle manufacture companies which is owned by the Tata group. The Tata motor launches its ordinary share And DVR share in the share market. The Tata motor DVR share is the highest share price in the Market Which is trading at over the price of  Rs.150. We know the fundamental of the company is as per below.

Market Capitalization (In Cr)1,20,69152 Week High169.75
P/E Ratio052 Week Low36.85
P/B0Dividend Yield0
Face value2Book value170.82

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2. Stampede Capital-DVR Ltd: Share Price:- Rs.2.15

The Stampede Capital DVR Share is a DVR share of the Stampede capital. Stampede capital is classified as a non-government company. A Stampede Capital company is engaged in handle the financial intermediation except for the insurance and pension funds. Stampede capital ordinary share price is less than DVR share. Stampede capital Equity share price traded at 0.65 And Its DVR share price is 2.15 it is higher than the equity share price. The market capitalization of stampede capital ltd is 14 crore.

Market Capitalization (In Cr)1452 Week High2.80
P/E Ratio-0.2852 Week Low0.85
P/B0.21Dividend Yield0
Face value0Book value0

3. Future Enterprises DVR Ltd:- Share Price:- Rs. 14.65

Future enterprises DVR is a DVR of the Future Enterprises ltd share. Future Enterprises is a future supply chain it is India’s first fully integrated. And it enabled end-to-end supply chain and logistics by the future enterprise’s company. Future generally India insurance is a joint venture between the groups. Future Media India limited a subsidiary of the future enterprises ltd. The future enterprises’ DVR price is higher than the ordinary share price.

Market Capitalization (In Cr)58952 Week High23.60
P/E Ratio24.5652 Week Low9.50
P/B0Dividend Yield0
Face value2Book value90.80

4. Jain Irrigation System DVR Ltd:- Share Price:- Rs. 17.10

Jain irrigations system DVR share Of the Jain Irrigation system ltd. Jain irrigation system supplies its a product in over 126+ countries With 11,000 dealers worldwide. They are the world’s 2 largest micro-irrigation companies. They provide services from the soil survey, Engineers design to agronomic support. And they are engaged in the development of the farms And the farmers in the worldwide.  The Jain DVR equity share price is discounted price at 

Market Capitalization (In Cr)1,30652 Week High20.80
P/E Ratio26.4552 Week Low9.00
P/B0Dividend Yield0
Face value2.00Book value72.73

How To Buy Tata Motors DVR Shares:-

Buying Process of the tata motors DVR share Or other DVR shares is simple is not complicated. As you can buy the equity share in your particular broker application. Like the equity Share no other method to buy. Search DVR share in your Demat account clicks to buy button on particular DVR share put the quantity And price to buy. And placed your order. after The Target Price price Your DVR shares will buy. And it will be shown on your Portfolio.

In the share market, the above DVR shares Is are the only 4 shares that remain. In the share market, 10-12 companies DVR in the share market are listed, But many of them are delisted from the share market. closed We are giving all information about the DVR Shares, Company business information. And all the fundamental to know the information and invest in too that’s share. Research on that’s shares before the investing.

Before investing in these DVR shares research on it check the fundamentals and histories of those shares. And consult your investment advisor before investing in those shares.

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