Best Top 5 Zero Balance Account In India 2022

Which Is The best Top 5 zero balance account In india 2021

Many people are tired with minimum balance saving account, bank services, and bank charges. They want to need of a zero balance saving account. They are finding on google the Top 5 zero balance accounts in India. We find the zero balance banks account for you. You can check the bank service and choose it as your bank.  

Top 5 zero balance account In India:-

Nowadays Many banks has providing zero balance account services. But many of them providing good services or poor services to their customers. We sort the top 5 Zero Balance Accounts for those who are interested in opening a Zero Balance account. 

The zero balance account providing banks are given below as per its ranking. Check out the zero balance bank accounts by their serial No. These banks Are the Best banks to open an account in India.

Best Zero Balance Account In India 2022:-

These Banks Provide the same services to their Customers. You can apply for the Online bank account opening with zero balance with the given below banks.

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1. SBI zero balance Account:- Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account 

State bank of India is providing its zero balance bank account. The name of a zero balance account is a Basic Saving Bank deposit account.

State bank of India is providing its zero balance bank account. The name of a zero balance account is a Basic Saving Bank deposit account.

  • Anybody can open the Sbi Basic Saving bank Deposit account through the KYC process
  • In the account no minimum or maximum amount restrictions.
  • When you opened the account you can get the ATM card of Ru-pay.
  • The 3.25% is Intrest Rate of the This account on Upto Rs.1lakh.
  • The 3.00% is Intrest Rate of the This account on more than Rs.1lakh.

2. Kotak Mahindra Bank:- 811 Digital Bank Account 

The Kotak Mahindra Bank provides its zero balance account name as Kotak 811. Kotak 811 is very useful to the people It has great service providing by the Kotak Mahindra bank.

  • In Kotak 811 anyone can apply for the zero balance account.
  • It is Free no charge is applicable when you do transactions online.
  • In One month you can deposit or withdraw Rs.10,000 From Kotak Mahindra bank.
  • But in online transactions no minimum or maximum limit to the account holders.
  • Account holder Can do RTGS or NEFT through Kotak 811 mobile app.
  • You can Also apply for a Debit card.
  • The 4.00% is the Intrest Rate of This account on Rs.1lakh.
  • The 6.00% is the Intrest Rate of This account on Rs.1lakh And Upto Rs.10 lakh.
  • And The 5.50% is the Intrest rate of this account Above Rs.10 lakhs.

In the Kotak Mahindra bank, you can get KYC through the Nearest branch of you. Kotak 811 is the best option for those people who do online transactions in large no. Bank provides the best service to its customers.

3. HDFC BANK: Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account

HDFC Bank is providing zero balance bank account like other banks. We all know about HDFC Bank is India’s largest private bank in India. They provide the best service in the banking sector. HDFC Bank provides the basic saving bank deposit account named a zero balance account.

  • HDFC Bank is providing the free passbook, free email bank statement, ATM cum debit card, Demand draft, Cheque book, Etc.  
  • No need for minimum balance and maximum amount.
  • Get net banking facilities like phone banking, net banking, And mobile banking 
  • Get 4 transactions free in the month which includes the RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, And Transaction Through the bank branch 
  • The 3.50% is the Intrest Rate of This account under the RS.50 lakh.
  • The 4.00% is the Intrest Rate of This account under the RS.50 lakh And less than 500 crore.

HDFC bank provides the zero balance bank account service. You can choose the HDFC bank as you are the bank.

4. ICICI zero balance account:-

ICICI provides a zero-balance bank account. To apply for the ICICI zero balance account you need to submit a paper KYC to a local branch or online. 

  • For KYC you need to visit the nearest bank branch.
  • You can use the service of internet banking facilities 
  • Get a free passbook 
  • Get free cash Deposit 
  • You can get service of the ATM card And Rs.90 charges of using another bank ATM service.
  • Get the best services from the nearest ICICI bank branch.
  • Intrest rate of ICICI zero balance account is 4.00%

ICICI bank Zero balance account provides the same service as compared with the other banks. you can choose ICICI bank as your bank.

5. Axis Bank:- ASAP Savings bank Account 

Axis bank providing a zero balance bank account. If you want to open an axis bank account you need to download the application of axis bank. Through the application, you can apply for the axis bank zero balance account. You can register through the pan card Aadhar card.

  • You can get Internet banking options like NEFT, RTGS Or IMPS Etc.
  • When your account balance is more than 20,000 or more than you can earn through their Auto FD features.
  • The 3.50% interest rate is under Rs.50 lakh.
  • Get a Free Rupay ATM card 
  • You can Deposit Rs.10,000 it is the limit of this account.
  • 4 transactions are free at the other’s bank ATMs.

You can choose Axis bank’s zero balance account and get a better service from the bank. 

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Top 5 zero balance accounts Balance in all banks list 2022:-

In this list, we have given other bank names and their features. On the Above Banks are the best services providing to their customers. You can choose one of them or you can check the following list of banks and choose one of them.

In the following zero balance account list 2021. You can get a Bank of Baroda Zero Balance account, IndusInd Bank Zero balance Account, IDFC First bank zero balance Account, Standard charted bank zero balance account, RBL bank Zero Balance Account.

Bank nameFeatures
IndusInd bank1. Interest Rate 4.00%
2. Free ATM card, Passbook,
3. 5 free transactions Per Month
IDFC bank1. Free-Net banking RTGS, NEFT
2. Free Passbook, Cheque book
3. Free Atm Card
4. 4.00% Interest rate
5. Mobile banking
Standard Charted Bank1. 2.75 % interest Rate
2. Free international Debit Card, Cheque book, Passbook
3. Get better service At the doorstep
4. Free RTGS, NEFT, And IMPS
RBL BANK1. You can Deposit a Maximum of Rs.1 lakh
2. You need to Update Sign year on year
3. 5.00% Interest Rate
4. You can Get a Free Passbook, ATM Card.
Bank Of Baroda1. No limit of the deposit amount
2. Free checkbook, passbook
3. Get an ATM card
4. Get Net banking Features.


Above is the list of the zero balance account details is these banks also provide Zero balance services. All banks getting the same services but some of them are putting conditions on zero balance bank account. 

above the Best top, 5 banks Are no very many conditions during the zero balance account opening. Choose your Bank to open from one of the zero balance account.

Frequently ask Questions For Top 5 zero balance accounts in India

Q1. Can I add a zero balance bank account with Adsense?

Yes, you can add your Google Adsense account with a zero balance account. Before adding a bank Account to google Adsense check your bank account limitations.

2. I want to apply for zero account ?

Check the bank’s zero account limitations and terms Before Appling for the zero balance accounts. With The help Of this Article, You can check all bank’s zero account details.

3. Is it possible to link the SBI zero account to phone pay with new number?

Yes. It is possible to link your SBI zero balance account with phone pe. You need to update your SBI zero balance account mobile Number. Then you can get linking with phone pe.

4. Can I able to make online shopping by having zero balance account in Bank?

Yes, You can able to make online shopping by having zero balance. All banks provide online shopping facilities through your atm card or online banking features. There is no problem while using online shopping.

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