Upstox Annual Charges | Stock Trading | Margin, Brokerage, Review

Upstox Annual Charges | Stock Trading | Margin, Brokerage , Review

Upstox Review: – Ravi Kumar, Raghu, And Shrinivas Viswanath are a founder of RKSV Securities Pvt Ltd. (RKSV) stand For initials of their name (Ravi, Raghu Kumar, And Shrinivas Viswanath). RKSV is Sebi registered Stock Broker there Sebi registered No is INZ000185137.

About Upstox

RKSV Listed in 2009 Nse And Bse RKSV NSE Member No is 13942. BSE CLRG Code: 6155 and also registered in MCX and CDSL. RKSV Trading Platform Is Upstox. Upstox Trading in the stock market, Mutual funds, and Commodity. The Upstox Head office is Located at Dadar Mumbai.

Upstox Had to Collect $25 million (177 crores) in Series Of B Funding From The New York-Based venture capital Firm Tiger Global management To the retail stock trading platform. The Upstox uses the funding amount to improve its technology. By Ratan Tata backed Upstox is Grorwnig His technology Best and user friendly.Upstox Is a Flat Discount and Flat Fee BrokerThey Offers Low- Cost Trading Services in equity, commodity, Mutual Funds, And Currency. Upstox User base Is 1 million (10,00,000).

Out Of 1 million 70 percent of users are active from the last 12 months. Upstox connects new users Very Fast And grows Fast. Upstox is a User-Friendly Trading app On the web and also a mobile app. User Can easily add Fund In Upstox. users easily withdraw funds in a few easy steps. Users can Buy and sell Stock And Mutual funds easily. Upstox is one of the highest-rated Trading apps in India Rating Is 4.5 upstox app download is cross 1 million + in India.

Upstox Charges 2021

Trading opening charges AMC (one time )     Rs.249

Trading Annual maintenance Charges AMC {yearly Charges} Rs.0

free Demat Opening Charges Rs.0 FreeCall & trade :-  Rs.20  Per completed Order

Physical contract notes:- Rs.25 per contract note plus courier charges (Digital Contract notes are free)

Instant Money Transfer Fee:- Rs.7 Per Transfer     

Brokerage (Plans):-

Upstox Brokerage Charges (Plans) as given below.

BrokerageUpstox Basic PlanUpstox
Equity DeliveryFreeFree
Equity F&O, (Commodity)  and (currency)Rs.20 per Trade ( is lower)
(is lower)  Or 0.05%
Rs.30 Per Trade
 (is Lower) Or 0.05%

Margin- Intraday:-


Upstox Equity Delivery & Intraday Charges:-

upstox equity delivery is Rs.0 (Free). Equity delivery & intraday charges as per Below:-

Upstox ChargesEquity DeliveryEquity intraday
BrokerageRs.0Rs.20 Per Executed Order (whichever is lower) Or 0.05% 
STT0.01% On both Buy And Sell0.025% on the Sell-side
Transaction chargesRs.325/croreRs. 325/Crore
Demat Transaction ChargesRs.18.5 Per Scrip (only On sell )Rs.0
GST18% (on Brokerage+Transaction charges)18%( on Brokerage +Transaction charges)
SEBI chargesRs.5/croreRs.5/crore
Stamp Duty00

Upstox Equity F&O Charges:-

The Upstox Equity F&O Brokerage is Rs.20 F&O Charges As Per Below.

Upstox ChargesEquity FutureEquity options
BrokerageRs.20 Per Executed order
 (which is Lower) Or 0.05%
Rs.20 Per Executed Order
STT0.01% Only on Sell0.01% only On the sell
Transaction chargesNse:- Exchange turnover Charges:0.0020% Clearing ChargesNse:-Exchange Turnover Chrage:0.053%
Clearing Charges:-0.005%
Demat Transaction ChargesNo ChargesNo charges
GST18% (on Brokerage+Transaction & clearing charges)18%( on Brokerage +Transaction & clearing charges)
SEBI chargesRs.15/croreRs.15/crore
Stamp Duty00

Upstox Currency Charges:-

The Upstox currency Brokerage is Rs.20 As per Below.

Upstox ChargesCurrency FuturesCurrency options
BrokerageRs.20 Per Executed order
(which is Lower) Or 0.05% 
Rs.20 Per Executed Order
Transaction chargesNse:- Exchange turnover Charges:0.0009%
Clearing Charges:-0.0004%
Bse:-Exchange Turnover 0.00022%
Clearing chrages:-0.0004%
Nse:-Exchange Turnover Chrage:0.053%
Clearing Charges:-0.005%
Bse:-Exchange Turnover charges 0.0001%
Clearing charges:-0.025%
GST18% (on Brokerage+Transaction & charges)18%( on Brokerage +Transaction charges)
SEBI chargesRs.15/croreRs.15/crore
Stamp Duty00

Upstox Commodity F&O Charges:-

The Upstox Commodity F&O charges as per below

Upstox ChargesCommodity FuturesCommodity options
BrokerageRs.20 Per Executed order
(which is Lower) Or 0.05% 
Rs.20 Per Executed Order
STT0.01% On sell Trade (non-agri)0.05% on sell Trade
Transaction chargesNon – Agri:-Exchange Turnover Charges:-0.0026%
Clearing Charges:0.0005%
Exchange turnover charge:0
Clearing Charges:0.002% On Buy+ Sell (Rs.200/crore)
GST18% (on Brokerage+Transaction & charges)18%( on Brokerage +Transaction charges)
SEBI chargesRs.15/croreRs.15/crore
Stamp Duty00

Margin -Co/OCO Orders:-

Margin Of cover Order as Per Below

Index Future10x14x
Stock Future4x6x
Nse Option Buy1.33x2x
Index Option Sell4x5x
Stock Option Sell4x4x
Nse Currency4x5x
MCX Future3x4x

These are Upstox vs Zerodha Charges & AMC

Upstox vs Zerodha charges:

Trading Account Opening ChargesRs.200Rs.249
Trading Account AMC chargesRs.0Rs.0
Demat A/c opening chargesRs.0Rs.0
Demat account AMC ChargesRs.300Rs.300

Upstox charge Yearly charges of Upstox maintenance charges Of Rs.300

Upstox customer care No:-91-22-6130-9999

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