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What is 5 Paisa Brokerage Charges | Review, Margin, 5 Paisa How To Use

5 Paisa Review:-

The 5 is the best leading online stockbroker in India. 5 paisa Is Providing discount Brokerage services in India to its retails customers for the last 5 years. Nitin Jain The Founder of Indian infoline and 5 paisa capital limited. They had promoted by the Indian infoline company.
The 5paisa has 1.2 million active users. 5 paisa online trading is available for the equity, commodities, And currency In NSE, BSE. They also trade in MCX. 5 Paisa Is a flat discount broker. The 5 paisa Sebi Regisretd no is INH000004680, NSE Member Id 14300, BSE Member Id No 6363 . The DP Id of 5 Paisa is 12082500.
5 charges the brokerage will be flat fee executed order basis. They do not charge the brokerage on a percentage basis.

What are 5 Paisa Brokerage Charges:-

5 paisa charge some brokerage charges on the transactions in Demat account held by customers. the three types are optimum, platinum, And titanium There are 3 types of plans in 5 The Brokerage charge for the equity, commodity, currency derivatives charges explain as below By their types.

1. 5 Paisa Optimum Plan:-

5 paisa optimum plan is the basic plan for traders who are newcomers to the stock market. In the 5 paisa optimum plans, all charges are the same in the different types of trades. All transactions like equity delivery, equity intraday, future, and option, etc 5 paisa charge Rs.20 per completed order.

Sr no.ParticularCharges
1Equity DeliveryRs.20 Per Completed order
2Equity intradayRs.20 Per Completed Order
3Equity futuresRs.20 Per completed order
4Equity optionsRs.20 Per completed Order
5Commodity futuresRs.20 Per Completed Order
6Commodity optionsRs.20 Per completed order
7Currency FutureRs.20 per completed order
8Currency optionsRs.20 per completed order

2. 5.Paisa Platinum Plan:-

In 5 Paisa platinum plans, customers have to pay the monthly subscription fee of Rs.499 per month. They can use the premium features of 5 Pisa. who customers can trade-in equity delivery, equity intraday, equity futures, equity options they had to pay Rs.10 rupees per transaction. And other charges in the platinum plan all are below.

Sr no.ParticularCharges
1Monthly FeesRs.499 Per Month
2Equity DeliveryRs.10 Per Completed order
3Equity intradayRs.10 Per Completed Order
4Equity futuresRs.10 Per completed order
5Equity optionsRs.2 Per lot
6Commodity futuresRs.10 Per Completed Order
7Commodity optionsRs.10 Per completed order
8Currency FutureRs.10 per completed order
9Currency optionsRs.10 per completed order

3. 5 Paisa Titanium Plan:-

In the 5 Paisa Titanium plan, Customers have to pay Rs.1000 Rupees as a monthly subscription fee.  A 5 paisa customer can get all benefits of the premium plan. In a titanium plan equity delivery is free, And equity intraday, equity future charges of Rs.10 per completed order. And all charges of titanium plan charges as below.

Sr no.ParticularCharges
1Monthly FeesRs.1000 Per Month
2Equity DeliveryFree
3Equity intradayRs.10 Per Completed Order
4Equity futuresRs.10 Per completed order
5Equity optionsRs.2 Per lot
6Commodity futuresRs.10 Per Completed Order
7Commodity optionsRs.10 Per completed order
8Currency FutureRs.10 per completed order
9Currency optionsRs.10 per completed order

5 Paisa Demat Account Charges:-

5 paisa charge some charges like account 5 paisa account opening charges, Account maintenance charges, And transaction as given below. The 5 paisa account opening charges are Rs.0 (free) 5 paisa does not charge the charges to account opening.

Sr no.ParticularCharges
1Annual Maintenance charges (AMC)Rs.540 (They Charge Monthly Rs.45)
2Debit ChargesRs.12.50 Per transactions
3Credit chargesFree
4Pledge closureFree
5Pledge CreationRs.50
6Demat – per certificateRs.15
7REMAT- Per certificate Per 100 units of sharesRs.15
8Postal ChargesRs.40 Per request
9Reconversion charges of MF unitsRs.15
10Conversation Of MFRs.15

5 Paisa Transaction Charges:-

5 Paisa charges the transaction charges which are charges on the transaction is doing by the customers. The transaction charges as given below.

Sr no.ParticularCharges
1Equity Delivery0.00325%
2Equity Intraday0.00325%
3Equity future0.0021%
4Equity options0.051% (on Premium )
5Currency Future0.0021%
6Currency options0.051% (on Premium)

5 paisa DP charges:-

DP Depository participant applied a charge at the time of customers sell the shares from the Demat account. The Dp charges list is given below.

Sr no.ParticularDP Charges
1Transfer of shares from your a/c to any Other Demat accountRs12.5
2Transfer of shares from your Demat, unpaid securities a/c, or marginRs.12.5

what is

5 paisa Is India’s fastest growing discount broker. They provide Disocunt brokerage to their customers. They Ranked Top 10 discount brokerage firms in India. Their daily turnover is 30000+crore. They have 4,50,000+ Active customers all over India. And the 3.6+ million mobile application users. They deal in Mutual funds investment, insurance, Commodity, Equity, and currency.

How To Use 5 Paisa:- 

Want to use the 5 paise then you have to open a Demat account with the 5 Paisa. When you are an existing customer of 5 Paisa Then visit the 5 Paisa official website and Login in trade in 5 Paisa. On the login page enter your email id, client id, Or mobile no to logging in and entered the password And log in. Or Download the 5 Paisa mobile application. 5 Paisa is providing the best experience of trading the 5 Paisa mobile application and the Website Is very User friendly. No one can be confused about how to trading in 5 Paisa.

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How To Close 5 Paisa Demat Account:-

If many customers have a second Demat account they use and they don’t trade in a second Demat account. One customer Can handle the 5 Demat accounts. Customers tired to AMC charges of Demat account’s and other charges then they apply for the closing of Demat account. If you are a customer of 5 Paisa and you want to close your Demat account. Many customers don’t know about the closing process. We explain the closing process of the Demat account as given below.

   * IF you want to close your Demat account you need to know about the closing process is not available online. The account closing process is offline you can call the customer care office of 5 Paisa.

1. Customers have any holding in account sell them or transfer the holdings to your second Demat account. 2.Close all F&O positions in the market.
3. If any pending payment is due first Cleat all pending payment dues then you can apply for the closing of the Demat account.
4. Call the customer care of 5 Paisa or send the mail to the And inform you want to interest to close your Demat account.

5. Download the 5 paisa account closure form. And fill the account closure form carefully.

6. After the filling of 5 paisa closure forms attach all required documents.

7. Sign in the account closure form and send it to the provided address.

After a week of submitting the account closure form customer has followed up with customer care to know the account close status. You will receive the intimation of account closure and final statement.

5 Customer Care Number:-

The Number of the customer care of 5 89766 89766. You can call the no The toll-free number.

5 Paisa Mail Id:- [email protected]

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions For 5

Q1. I have 5 paisa account but not able to login it says User Not Found

If you are the Register customer of 5 Paisa and you couldn’t log in to the 5 Paisa. And the app or website responds to your user not found. Then you want to verify the client id you enter is correct. And you do not Remember your client id go to Gmail and find the incoming mail from the 5 Paisa. They sent a weekly statement of your 5 Paisa Demat account on your mail Find out your client id in the mail.

Q2. Does 5paisa have big traders as clients or only small traders investors?

Yes, 5 paisa is a big trader as the client. 5 paisa is Top 10 ranker in Indian discount broker firms. They Have 451000+ active users in 5 and their daily turnover is 30000+ crore. The mobile application users are 3.6+ million. There are big numbers to prove the 5 Paisa have big traders and they trade in 5 Paisa.

Q3. If 5paisa have any privacy problem

You are an investor of 5 Paisa and any other brokerage firms in India. If you have realized the broker has some privacy issues. Then you can contact your registered broker firm via customer services like 5 paisa and many other broking firms.

 Q4. I withdraw the amount from my 5paisa app and I had not received it in my bank account.

If you withdraw the amount from the 5 Paisa app and the amount of withdrawing is not received by your bank account. Many times bank has a server issue in that case bank does not receive the payment and couldn’t pay to a third party. You withdraw money from the 5 Paisa money is debited from your 5 Paisa and the bank has not received the payment then the bank has an issue it will debit in 24 hours or 2-3 working days.

Q5. Can I put my personal 5paisa referral link on youtube?

Yes, You can refer to your 5 Paisa referral link on youtube. There is no issue with posting the referral link anywhere. You can share your personal 5 Paisa link on youtube for earning. Youtube is the best option for referring to the 5 Paisa And earning through the referral.

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