What is Nifty 50 | What is SGX Nifty | Trading Stratergy In share Market

What is Nifty 50 | What is sgx nifty | Trading Stratergy In share Market

What is Nifty 50, how is it trade, how many companies are involving in it? And how much is its lot size? Is. Do new Beginners also search share market-related queries like what is nifty 50, fund, And what is meant by nifty 50? , what is nifty 50 companies? , what is nifty 50 futures? , what is nifty 50 pe?. We are Know about the future and option trading. And what is sgx nifty?

What is Nifty 50?

Nifty 50 These are included in the National Stock Exchange ie NSE and the best companies in India include Nifty and can only be traded in the future and options. In the rest of the companies outside Nifty 50, you cannot trade in the future and options

What is nifty 50 companies ?

Nifty 50 is a Benchmark of the Indian Stock Market That Represent Of the avarage Top 50 of largest indian company who listed in National Stock Exchange of India.That the companies Indicate the Nifty 50.

What is all time high of nifty 50? 

Nifty 50 was touches the high of 15428 on 16 February 2021. 15428 Is all Time high Of nifty 50. On 16 February 2021 share market make a New record of the all-time high in Bse And Nse.

If you want people to become Nifty Traders, then you have to take complete information about it only then you work in it. How much is its lot size, how much margin does it take to work in it and when is its expiry, it is very important to have complete information for a trader.

If you want to trade in it, then you will have to work only in its future. You cannot work in indexing. It has a lot size of 75 and has a monthly and weekly expiration date. Since July 2021, the National Stock Exchange has reduced the lot size to 50. Traders can now trade in lots of the ‘50s.

If you want to work in its option, then you can also work in its weekly expiry and can earn money.

Nifty Future Margin

Nifty Future Margin Amount is around Rs 50,000 or Rs 60,000 per lot but this is for positional trading. If you do intraday trading then your work also gets Rs 5,000 or Rs 10,000 because all the company gives 10 to 15 times margin for intraday to their client. Then it benefits Nifty Trader. With this, you can work in a lower margin in a lot in the intraday. In the  Nifty Future margin requirement is Depends On the Trader And Broker how much needs of the margins.

we know about the future and option trading in the paragraph. If you want to know the data of the Option Chain, then you can see it by going to the website of NSE, NSE option chain where you get the complete data of it. Nifty Option Chain This helps you a lot in option trading. By looking at its data, you can get a little idea of how Nifty can movement and it is also known that people are sitting more in fast or sitting in recession. This helps you in making your strategy.

If you want to know the Best Nifty Intraday Trading Strategy. Then I have made an intraday strategy on top of it and it is a very good intraday strategy. And if you work on this strategy, then you people can be a very good profit. I have also done backtesting of this strategy, so I have a lot of confidence in this strategy.

Below I am giving the link to that strategy, so you guys can go and watch the video. And find out how the strategy is and let me know if you have any questions about this strategy.

What is sgx nifty?

What is sgx nifty:- Nifty SGX is listing in Singapore and is a derivative product. Just like we trade in its future in India, it is traded in the Singapore market. But its market timing is very different from its Indian market. People have a question what is sgx trading hours? Its timing starts at 6.30 am in the morning and the Sgx Market closes at lasts till 11.30 pm in the night.

Nifty SGX If it is open before Nifty, Then Indian Trader can make its own strategy by looking at whatever its trend is. Indian Traders can take advantage of this. Its margin is also less than Nifty.

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