What Is Portfolio Management Services

What Is Portfolio Management Services

New Beginners who want to know about what is portfolio management services in basic simple words and the definition of portfolio management. In a simple meaning review of literature of (PMS). In this article, we made it simple to understand for new beginners.

What Is Portfolio Management | Definition?

PMS stands For Portfolio management services. Portfolio management is the art and science of choosing and monitoring the group of investments that meet long-term financial goals and the risk tolerance of a customer, company, or organization. 

     PM requires the ability to weigh strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and risks across the entire spectrum of investments. Choice vs. trade vs. debt vs. equity to local vs. international and growth vs. security.

Portfolio Management Services Types In India:-

Types of portfolio management services. Types as per given below.


Active PMS The goal of an active portfolio manager is to generate better returns than the total markets i.e. to create alpha. The strategy involves higher returns than normal risk and, therefore, the portfolio manager has to differentiate his investment into different asset classes, regions, and Seeks to reduce risk by diversifying businesses. The turnover of assets under management is generally higher than the passive style of managing funds.


The opposite of active management comes with a passive investment strategy. People who are members of this theory believe in efficient market assumptions. The claim is that the fundamentals of a company always appear in the stock price. Therefore, Passive managers prefer to dive into low-turnover but well-valued index funds in the long run.

Index funds invest in cash as a percentage of their market capitalization. This means that if the company represents 2% of the 500 indexes, Then Rs.2000 Fund 10000’s fund will be invested in 2 companies for every Rs.1000.


Discretionary managers are given complete flexibility to make decisions for the investor. Considering personal objectives, risk appetite, and deadlines, the manager decides the right strategy that best suits the investment policy statement. The fees for such manage funds are usually higher because there is more involvement in decision-making. And more effort is put in by the manager. Once the cash is handed over to the trader, the investor sits back and believes what the profit will be.


Non-discretionary (PM) An unscrupulous manager is more like a consultant than a portfolio manager. He advises investors who are better off choosing the path. The advisory note clearly mentions the risks and rewards. The discretion to take action rests entirely with the investor. The manager is allow to proceed the portfolio manager takes appropriate action on behalf of the investor.

Top Portfolio Management Services In India:-

people also want to know which is the best portfolio management service in India And Best performing portfolio management service in India. Here is a list of the Best Top 10 Portfolio management services In India.

NoBest Top 10 PMS In India
1Motilal Oswal PMS
2Ask PMS
3Kotak PMS
4ICICI Prudential PMS
5Birla Sunlife PMS
6Alchemy PMS
7Invesco PMS
8Unifi Capital PMS
9Forefront PMS
10NJ Advisory PMS

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