What Is SGX Nifty | How To Trade In SGX Nifty

What Is SGX Nifty | How To Trade In SGX Nifty

What Is Nifty: 

How To Trade In SGX Nifty: -The Nifty is a small sample of 50 companies in various financial sector index markets launched by the National Stock Exchange (NSE – an Indian platform of stock exchanges). This platform gives investors an idea of ​​how a particular company performs in a day. As companies are judged by their performance in the market, The Nifty lists all the other companies that are performing similarly to the ranking system. To simplify this, let us take an example of the voting system: at the time of elections, the only source available to the public is the live broadcast of votes through a new channel on television.

About each party and how they are performing. Which party will win the election can only be guessed from the numbers. But how are these numbers collected? This happens from small-scale polls where voters are asked to vote for a party that has the potential to make some positive changes. After this survey is done and the data is collected, it provides an estimated number or indication of which party will perform better. Almost 50% to 60% of surveys are always correct and the same can be applied to the Nifty.

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The Nifty similarly surveys the top listed companies in the country based on their performance and gives investors an indication that the company has the potential to do well in the future. You may now understand the meaning of the word Nifty. But there is another term call as SGX Nifty. And now read on to differentiate between these terms before there is any further confusion.

What Is SGX Nifty:-

The SGX is derived from the product of the Nifty Futures Trade (where this trade reduces the risk of any future investment by setting a predetermined price for an earlier stock) on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). sgx nifty belongs to Singapore country.

Simply put, like the simple Nifty described above, the SGX is the futures trading Nifty in Singapore. Investors and buyers should adhere to the predetermined price of the stock regardless of the fluctuations in the price of the stock.

This means that it helps in predicting and monitoring the behavior of the Indian Nifty as it helps in predicting the outcome of the election.

How To Trade In SGX Nifty From India:-

Any trader who wants to trade in it, but has no access to the Indian market, can trade in on it. FIIs and many hedge funds, which are important performers in the Indian market, use the it (due to their extended duration and liquidity behavior) to hedge their position.

However, if you have Indian citizenship you are not allowed to trade in it agreement. In fact, Indian citizens are not allow to trade derivatives in any other country. But any Indian NRI is allowed to trade in SGX Nifty. Both the ‘Nifty’ and the ‘SGX Nifty’ receive large volume transactions and both are liquid trading instruments. In India, ‘open interest’ means the number of shares remaining in the Nifty. So, in Singapore, it means the “number of contracts” is outstanding.

what is SGX nifty and how does it affect the Indian market | relation between

SGX Nifty stands for Nifty Futures Contract Trading on the Singapore Stock Exchange and Nifty Contract Trading on the NSE.2. The contract size of it is different compared to Nifty. Each of our Nifty contract lots in India has 75 shares, while the SGX Nifty shares have no contract. The SGX Nifty is considered in terms of the US dollar.

Suppose, if the Nifty is trading at 9500 And then the contract size of it will be 9500 * (2 2) i.e. 000 19000.For example. If the Nifty is rising by 100 points for the day, make a profit of Rs 100 per share. So in the case of Nifty, the total profit will be Rs. 100 * 75 = Rs. 7,500. But in the case of SGX Nifty. We will give a profit of * 100 * 2 = 200 per contract.

SGX Nifty Trading Timing:-

Details of SGX Nifty trading hours. The trade time mentioned here is Singapore time and there are 2 hours 30 minutes between Indian standard time and Singapore time. Therefore, you can see that in the morning (T) session. Trading takes place in Singapore Standard Time from 9.00 am to 6.10 pm.

So, at SG Nifty in Indian Standard Time in the morning. Trading takes place from 6:30 to 3:40 And the evening (T + 1) session trades Singapore Standard Time from 6:40 to 5:15 Am in the evening. Which will be converted from in the evening to 4:10 Pm to 2:45 in the Indian Standard Time.

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