What Is The Strategy And How To Earn money Monthly From Stock Market ?

What Is The Strategy To Earn 5 Percent Monthly From Stock Market ?

How to earn monthly income from stock market:- The New beginners or investors want to know about the strategy how to earn 5 % or more on the monthly basis earning from the stock market. They always ask how much can we earn from stock market The stock market is very risky to the people who don’t know about the share market and the law of knowledge.

These people blindly invest their money into any stocks without any research of that shares. And finally, they realized when they are made big losses in those shares. When investors want to invest in any stocks then research them.

Those people who want to invest in stocks then research the what is the strategy of how to earn money monthly earning from the stock market. And we share the strategy to how to invest in stocks and make money

How To Earn Monthly Income From Stock Market:-

Small investors want to earn money from stock market on the monthly basis. It is risky of losing money in the short-term period. If they want to earn money from stock market on the monthly basis. Follow the following steps to earning from the stock market in the short-term period. There are many best way to earn money from stock market. You can earn money from equity options, nifty futures options, Or short-term equity delivery. There is below we explain the equity options, nifty futures options.


small investors, who want to earn money from stock market monthly can buy stocks with low risk and safe trading. Equity is the safest best way to earn money from stock market to make money investing in stocks with low risk. The movement of the equity is Rs.2-3 but there is the best way to earn money from stock market with safe trading without any loss.

Equity Future Options:- 

In the future option high risk of losing money. But the future option’s movement is very high. An investor can get high-profit trading in the future options. The future option is performed on the particular stock price. If you want to trade with risk and you want to make a high profit in the future options.

Future & Option:-

If investors want to trade in nifty futures options this is a nice choice. In the future and options, there is a very high risk to earn money. In the Nifty future and option, there are risks to lose all money in the share market. But In the Nifty future and options get the high profit you would expect profit. The Return of the Nifty and future is very unexpected. Investors can get a high return profit in the 5 minutes and it can take a very high loss in the 5 minutes. Nifty future and options are performed on the nifty 50 movements.

Nifty Bank:-

Banknifty is performed on the movement of India’s top 12 banks’ share price. The Banknifty is the best way to earn money from stock market to make a profit on that day with the risk of the loss of many. Banknifty is a very high risk to take profit. In the Banknifty is low risk as compared to nifty. Banknifty 1 lot size is 25 but nifty l lot size 75. That’s why the risk is low as compared to nifty.

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What Is The Strategy To Earn Monthly From Stock Market?

People want to strategy to investing money in the right way. Market or share study is most important when investing money in the share market. In share, the market is risky for a short-term period. Invest your money with knowledge and study of shares. We give some strategy to investors to investing in the 1 month and high returns. You can make money by investing in stocks. And we explain how to invest in stocks and make money.

1. Moving Average strategy:-

Moving average strategy is a powerful strategy to earning money in the share market for a short period. The work of the Moving average is showing the past history of the share. Moving average calculate the average of the share which is performed in past days in the share market. there are

2. moving average indicators in the particular chart tools. The first is smoothed moving average Or simple moving average And the second is an exponential moving average. There is little difference between the simple and exponential moving average strategies. But they Work perfectly to invest money in the movement.

How to set up the moving average:-

Choose The Perfect stock to invest in that share And open the share chart. Select the duration 5minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 month. After the selection of the duration click on the indicator button and select the simple moving average indicator twice. And click on the setting button of the simple moving average and put the duration of how many days you want to check the moving average For example 5 days, 10 days, 20 days. In the second Simple moving average, you can select the maximum number of days like 30 days 60 days. In The chart, two-line are created First is to show the 5 days is you selected the average price of the share. And the second line is showing you select the maximum number of days moving average.

What Is The Strategy And How To Earn money Monthly From Stock Market ?

In the above image red candles are crossing the 5 days simple moving average. That means the stock is falling very fast after crossing the simple moving average 5 days line the stock will be stood there in some days. After crossing the line There is buying opportunities for the share Buy share at that movement. After Buying some days later they gave high returns in less than 20 days. The share gives the Rs.184 profit per share.

Example:- I am buying this share at the price of 944.14 after the crossing level. With a proper stop loss, The stock stood their 4-5 days after the 5 days this share cross the 5 days moving average line. The share grows very fast and I sell the share after 15-20 days at the price of Rs.1128.65. And I gained the Rs.184 profit By per share. The higher your investment, the higher your profit. 

This is the safest way to earn the money in the month with low risk. Some time moving average gets confused to you And you get the loss. Please study this strategy and then invest in a particular stock.

2. On the Business Basis Strategy:-

On the business, the basic strategy is which strategy you can invest the trending company by his well business It will get you the best return’s in the month. Invest money in the stocks on the basis of the company’s fast-growing business. Or Seasonal business In the seasonal business company grows very fast for some time and the share price touches the high.

At the movement search the company they growing in the season find the best price to buy the share And the sell it and book you profit. seasonal business example: On Diwali, some paint companies are selling its product at fast than expected and it’s share prices also grow. People are booking their profit in the seasonal business-like.

For example – Adani port or Adani group shares price touches the high day to day And they grow their business very fast. People who invest their money into the Adani shares before the growth of its business. They will get more profitable at this time.

3. Trending stocks:-

In the trending stocks, the stocks are touching their share price day-to-day high for some days. It will happen when that companies declare some good news regarding the stocks holders Or the company business expansion. Then the share price hike for some days. At that movement, some investors trade in the stocks and booked their profit. It Will be the investor right decision.

For example, XYZ ltd company declare that they acquired its competitor’s business. After that good news, The share of the XYZ ltd company share will be trending for some days. In that period Book your profit and sell this share.

* Note:- In this article, we give the best strategy to earn from the share market. And we explain how to earn monthly income from stock market And how to earn monthly income from stock market. These strategies help you Earning the monthly basis income from the share market. Please ensure the stock is safe for trading and takes your own decision will investing in a particular share. And keep study on that share.

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